A new “FIRST”

So this is it . . . my very FIRST blog. I’m entering a whole new world. For you Mom’s out there, next week my FIRST born will go to Kindergarten for the FIRST time. There’s a nervous excitement in the air here in the Knote house. But more importantly, I’m trying my hand at the “work from home” with this new website and I couldn’t be more nervous or excited. I love everything about an invitation! I find them to be the Yellow Brick Road on the way to OZ. From the black and white wording on the page to the bright and vibrant features that surround it, invitations lead you down a path of wonderment. They are the very FIRST detail of the party. They set the tone.

When I receive an invitation in the mail I get a tingle down my spine. I know that I’m about to A) possibly get a day away from the kids or B) go to a birthday party with a bouncehouse that will give me a good 2 hour window to myself once they pass out after the party! Either way, I display it like a work of art in the kitchen and mark the date on the calendar and know that good times are about to come.

So, as I sit here and ponder what I’m going to blog about next, I also see this as an opportunity to go back to my creative writing days at USF and hope that while I “blab” and possibly “vent” I can help some along the way who might be stuck on Party Block Way or even Mommyville. I’m excited for this journey of FIRSTS and can’t wait for what’s to come.


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