About us

Girl meets boy. Girl gets engaged to boy with a perfect last name. Girl's gets married! Even better, girl's mother is a wedding coordinator and the real fairy tale began.
Love Knotes, Inc. was founded by Jodi Knote in 2005 when I was looking for bridal invitations and couldn't choose just one! I love everything about invitations and stationery. They bring life to the party! Invitations are the first thing the guest sees before the event and therefore they must be unforgettable. With two young kids at home I know how difficult it can be to plan a party and get it all together. I hope makes this process easy and fun for you and that you think of us again and again for all of the BIG moments in your life. From engagements to weddings to baby showers to Bat Mitzvahs we look forward to celebrating them all with you.